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Inspiration Contagion
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Holly Jean Jackson

Build Tenacity in the Face of Fire in Life & Biz

E79 • Aug 9, 2023 • 43 mins

What do wildfires, hollywood, and entrepreneurship have in common? Tune in and I interview Team Wilfire's fearless leader about his vision to change the world of fighting wildfires while saving countless lives. It doesn't get much more inspiring than this. Listen, subscribe, and comment below on your key take aways. What will you take action on next?

Key Points

  • Steve Wolf transitioned from a career in Hollywood special effects and volunteer firefighting to founding Team Wildfire, aiming to revolutionize wildfire suppression through innovative technology.
  • Peak performance is defined by Steve as not only doing your best but ensuring that your best is adequate for the challenges faced, emphasizing the importance of personal maintenance to achieve professional excellence.
  • Building a company culture that aligns with the mission and vision at a personal level fosters a team that is self-motivated and brings diverse, expert perspectives to tackle strategic challenges effectively.
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