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Inspiration Contagion
Dedicated to fostering a sense of community and light in a world often overshadowed by negative news, the show delves into the lives and experiences of transformational leaders who have made significant changes in their health, clarity, or business.
Holly Jean Jackson

From Pain to Profit: a Journey of Resilience and Transformation (Inspiration Contagion podcast)

E85 • Oct 31, 2023 • 45 mins

Dr. Elayna Fernández is a testament to the power of resilience, transformation, and turning life's challenges into opportunities for personal and financial growth. Born and raised in a Dominican Republic slum, Dr. Elayna Fernández's journey is nothing short of remarkable. She is not only a bestselling author, but also an internationally acclaimed storyteller and an award-winning mom entrepreneur. In this episode, we delve into the inspiring aspects of her life and mission.

Key Points

  • Dr. Elayna's upbringing in challenging circumstances in the Dominican Republic and how she transformed adversity into strength.
  • Her remarkable journey as a 4-time TEDx speaker and featured keynote speaker on prestigious stages worldwide, where she integrates the tragedy, trauma, and turmoil she has endured into her storytelling.
  • The importance of validating one's own pain, and how Dr. Elayna inspires audiences to feel seen, safe, and supported in sharing their own stories.
  • Her contribution to aspiring mom entrepreneurs, helping them turn their painful experiences into profitable streams of income.
  • Dr. Elayna's passion for diversity, inclusion, and representation, and her role as an advisor to global brands and organizations dedicated to equity and social justice.
  • Her recognition as one of the Top Latina Influencers in the nation and being selected by SUCCESS Magazine as one of the 125 Most Impactful Leaders worldwide.
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