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Inspiration Contagion
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Holly Jean Jackson

Success Unwrapped: Revenue Ninja Tips from Lisa J Smith's Covidpreneur Journey

E92 • Feb 19, 2024 • 39 mins

In this episode, Holly Jean Jackson chats with Lisa J Smith about her journey in business, focusing on peak performance, authenticity, and accountability culture. They discuss optimizing customer experience, financial strategies, the importance of investment and feedback in business development, and creating a diverse economic landscape.

Key Points

  • Lisa emphasizes the importance of both welcoming new clients and saying goodbye to them properly. Offboarding clients not only allows for feedback to improve but also opens doors to new revenue opportunities.
  • Peak performance, according to Lisa, means consistently working towards your goals in 90-day chunks. Using data to monitor progress and having accountability partners helps you stay on track.
  • Lisa J Smith believes that her secret ingredient for inspiring leadership is her passion and energy. She thinks that her enthusiasm for her work spreads positivity and motivates others.
  • It's crucial to plan your pricing thoughtfully, ensuring that you cover all your costs and expenses, including overhead and training. Instead of just setting an hourly fee, consider the value you're providing in your packages and avoid underestimating your worth.
  • Don't let fear hold you back from boosting your sales and revenue. It's essential to push past any worries or doubts and focus on expanding your business confidently.
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