How to Mold the Brave, Bold, and Unstoppable You
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Holly Jean Jackson

How to Mold the Brave, Bold, and Unstoppable You

E78 • Jul 26, 2023 • 43 mins

In this episode, Holly Jean Jackson welcomes Rochelle Marie Lawson, discussing her views on inspiration, peak performance, and breaking norms. They explore challenges faced by women in male-dominated industries, creating a peak performance culture, and the role of customer experience in business. They also discuss Lawson's upcoming project, the Brave Bold and Unstoppable Women's Summit, and her desired legacy.

Key Points

  • Rochelle Marie Lawson emphasizes the importance of being a trendsetter and creating your own path, encouraging individuals, especially women, to be brave, bold, and unapologetic in pursuing their goals.
  • Peak performance is defined by Rochelle as reaching your highest potential on your own terms, without comparing yourself to others, and always striving to be your best in whatever you do.
  • For optimal customer and employee experiences, Rochelle advocates for valuing individuals over profits, fostering open communication, and allowing employees the freedom to work in ways that best suit their unique abilities and strengths.
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