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Inspiration Contagion
Dedicated to fostering a sense of community and light in a world often overshadowed by negative news, the show delves into the lives and experiences of transformational leaders who have made significant changes in their health, clarity, or business.
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Exploring New Ways of Working: Emergent Organizations

E76 • Jun 28, 2023 • 47 mins

We explore new ways of thinking and working. How to build professional freedom alongside performance. How to define success and break free from the norm and much more. Hank Holiday is a veteran technology consultant, a serial entrepreneur and has spent the last decade designing new ways of organizing work. He is the Meta-Founder and Managing Partner of Quorum1, a 160 member technology collective. Quorum1 is a full-service technology consultancy and product studio built around radical flexibility and professional learning.

Key Points

  • Transformational leadership is about fostering professional empowerment, where individuals align their work with their passions, resulting in increased trust, joy, and productivity.
  • Creating a culture of peak performance involves setting clear values, mission, and practical agreements within an organization, allowing for a high trust environment that nurtures growth and autonomy.
  • Reimagining traditional business structures can lead to new forms of collective empowerment, where shared intellectual property and decentralized leadership can unlock untapped potential and drive innovation.
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