Rising Above: Conquering Bullying, Addiction, and Cancer to Inspire Others
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Holly Jean Jackson

Rising Above: Conquering Bullying, Addiction, and Cancer to Inspire Others

E99 • May 28, 2024 • 46 mins

In this episode, Holly Jean Jackson chats with Cooper Harrison about balancing energies in life and business, defining peak performance, and overcoming personal challenges. They discuss the importance of shadow work, community in business, and revenue strategies. Cooper also shares about his upcoming local food review app project, his approach to ego, and his legacy goal of healing a million souls.

Key Points

  • Cooper Jackson, a master healer and cancer survivor, emphasizes the importance of empathy, vulnerability, and self-love for achieving peak performance and spreading love and inspiration.
  • Through his experiences with cancer, bullying, and an abusive relationship, Cooper has learned to embrace a victor mindset, using his challenges as opportunities for growth and to better connect with and support others in their healing journeys.
  • Cooper's vision for his legacy is to heal a million souls, aiming to use his personal brand and partnerships to facilitate mass healing and spread unconditional love and zest for life.
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