Harnessing the Power of Voice and Vision for Peak Performance
Inspiration Contagion
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Holly Jean Jackson

Harnessing the Power of Voice and Vision for Peak Performance

E98 • May 14, 2024 • 42 mins

In this episode, Holly Jean Jackson converses with Stephanie Bonte-Lebair about her transformational journey. They discuss inspiration, business course correction, the importance of rest and assessment for peak performance, and the employee experience. The conversation shifts to money matters, the advantage of phone calls over Zoom for sales, and focusing on ideal referral partners.

Key Points

  • Letting go of things can create space for inspiration and abundance, leading to clearer marketing messages and an influx of new clients.
  • Peak performance is about taking aligned action towards your goals and vision, and it's essential to assess regularly to improve and build on what's working.
  • To enhance customer experience and maintain peak performance, consistent communication with team members and feedback from clients are crucial, including celebrating client successes and using them to refine your approach.
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