Inspiration Contagion
Inspiration Contagion
Dedicated to fostering a sense of community and light in a world often overshadowed by negative news, the show delves into the lives and experiences of transformational leaders who have made significant changes in their health, clarity, or business.
Holly Jean Jackson

From Park Avenue to Park Bench: A Tale of Resilience and Redemption

E84 • Oct 17, 2023 • 36 mins

In this episode of "Inspiration Contagion," we delve deep into the inspiring journey of Joe Rivera, a remarkable resilience coach and a renowned keynote speaker. Joe's story is nothing short of incredible, as he transformed his life from the opulent world of Park Avenue to finding purpose on a park bench. As a resilience coach, Joe's mission is clear: to empower business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders who have hit a wall of exhaustion and are feeling directionless. Through his coaching, he crafts a simple roadmap for them to rediscover their life's purpose, bridging the gap between spirituality and true wealth.

Key Points

  • Joe Rivera is a resilience coach who emphasizes the importance of living with purpose, aligning work with spirituality, and creating a roadmap for a transformed life.
  • Peak performance is defined by Joe as starting the day with intention and gratitude, maintaining self-care before attending to business, and recognizing the need for rest and disconnection from technology to recharge.
  • Joe shares his journey from substance abuse to sobriety, illustrating the power of resilience and the importance of creating a life of emotional, financial, and spiritual wealth.
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