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Holly Jean Jackson

The Secret to Happiness: Happier Employees Plus Happier Customers Equals Raving Fans

E77 • Jul 12, 2023 • 42 mins

Join me and Richard Clarke as we explore how happiness is the secret to happy employees, happy customers and higher revenue. Richard is the founder of Secret Source, an IT outsourcing company, based in Spain. In 2014 Richard had a theory that if he set up a company whose main objective was to make its team and clients happy, revenue and profits and the traditional definitions of success would follow. So, for the last 9 years Richard has been studying the Science of Happiness and applying it to the workplace.

Key Points

  • Richard Clark believes that prioritizing employee happiness leads to high retention rates and overall company success, as demonstrated by his company Secret Source's growth and client satisfaction.
  • Creating a workplace culture of psychological safety, where employees feel secure to express themselves and learn from failures, is essential for fostering team collaboration and peak performance.
  • Richard aspires to share his knowledge on building happier workplaces with other companies, emphasizing that happiness can significantly improve employee well-being and, consequently, company profitability.
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